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We are joined with all suppliers in the world to obtain the best quality possible, starting from macro going to micro details. Our support monitorize completely the returns to check continuously the protocol if is needed.

The market today requires from us to decide which fields are important: we need quality, but in order to compete, we need good price, too. As always, SEA is rising up to the challenge, taking the side of her own partners.

We have created, for the best selling codes, three different quality levels: from the PREMIUM line that gives flawless performance, through the stability of the STANDARD line, to the great competitiveness that only VERY CHEAP line can offer.

Constant improvement of the capacity of our production and the introduction of standards (ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)) are a clear indication of the continuing efforts to achieve a certain quality and reliability that OEMs are providing. The quality of our products are compared with the quality, performance and standards of original products. DIN 33870 Quality Standard confirms that, and our production meets the ASTM F1856-98 standard.

As a sign of trust and faith in our products, we give our customers 2 years warranty on all S.E.A. toner cartridges starting from the date of purchase. Please note that the use our products will not void the warranty of the original equipment. We guarantee that the products of S.E.A. will not damage or prematurely wear down your equipment, and if it is proven that our products have damaged the equipment, we will bear the cost of repairs. We are not responsible for lost profits or other financial losses of customers.



Innovation is the one and only thing that can enhance the quality.

In S.E.A. Free–Tech we believe in innovation so much that we are ready to invest each year in many resources and also in research and development, in order to offer you exactly what you need.

Our engineers work in complete synergy with production, mixing the deep material knowledge to experience. The rapid movements in the market are making a deep separation from big firms and small companies.

S.E.A. is investing time, money and human resources on automation introducing new concepts in our market: private label, bar code tracking, drop shipping. We think this is the only way to obtain complete success.