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Product information


S.E.A. is the distributor of products from renowned manufacturers of raw materials in the field of consumer electronics from Japan, Korea and the United States. You can buy the whole range of necessary raw materials for recycling toner and inkjet cartridges.

By choosing proven suppliers of raw materials, process control – quality, continuous staff development and customer care are the basis of our business strategy. In addition to the complete range of spare parts for production, we offer various packings of toner powder, related consumables such as boxes, cases, various plastics, labels, cleaning creams, etc.

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EMPTIES - How to be green

Companies and individuals produce millions of tons of waste and in the same time spend huge amounts of crude oil. Thanks to innovative remanufacturing programs, 30% of all cartridges that end up as waste, come back for usage or recycling. Each of the collected cartridges reduces plastic waste and saves oil consumption, and therefore pollution. It is not necessary to emphasize the benefits of recycling and how it contributes to the society and a healthier living environment.

As a company which activity is based on remanufacturing and protection of the environment, our priority goals are remanufacturing and recycling of consumer electronics. In this regard, our company has provided all the necessary requirements and permits related to collection, transport, storage and treatment of empty toner cartridges, the manipulation of this material in accordance with all applicable laws, including environmental protection and regulations related to waste management and ecological methods and standards (ISO 14001, AMES test, LGA, BGIA).

S.E.A. has all of these permissions and it represents a reliable partner for your secure future. Call us and we will arrange for you to solve current and future issue of consumer waste – toner cartridges.