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S.E.A. has been on the European market since 1994 and was among first to deal with laser toner cartridges and inkjet regeneration. Raw materials entered the market slowly and with them the first processing techniques were initiated. Over the years, S.E.A. has gathered experience, becoming the leader in quality and service in Italy and abroad. S.E.A. today has sales offices in Italy and other European countries, two manufacturing plants, and warehouses located in four countries.

S.E.A. is a leader in supplying raw materials with a selection that is unmatched in the market. Some of the largest industry names in the world are our direct competitors.

We import the best raw materials and are continually developing our own formulations. Our internal research department is always working on new ways to remanufacture. We have long-standing connections with the largest manufacturers in the world, working with them directly, and playing an important part in their strategies and planning.

S.E.A. produces under the most strict international quality criterias, with large investments in research.

With two production plants and more than two hundred employees, S.E.A. can certainly be considered as the reference point for Europe.